The weakest blood type: handles malign diseases hard

One thing that differences on blood type from another is its antigens, sheath around red blood cells, erythrocyte, which helps the body recognize which blood cells are his. The existence of four blood types, A, B, AB and 0, is the matter of evolution.

Why are blood types important?

blood_type_ABFor example, if a patient with a blood type A gets a transfusion from a donor that has B blood type, antibodies in the patient’s body will reject received blood because it’s not compatible. There is a risk of coagulation and this may endanger patient’s life.

There are two main antigens that surround red blood cells called A and B. If your blood type is AB then you have in your body A and B antibodies. Considering 0 type blood, it lacks of A and B antigens, therefore, patient’s antibodies with the blood type 0 will attack A and B blood type antibodies during the transfusion. That is why patients with the 0 blood type can only receive blood from the same blood type.

How do we know about blood types?

In the 1900 Austrian biologist, Karl Landsteiner, discovered three different blood types, A, B and 0. That was the massive discovery and in 1930, he even won the Nobel prize for great achievements in medicine. Few years later, another blood type was discovered, AB.

Which blood type is the weakest?

Blood type A is considered as the oldest blood type and every other blood type originated as a result of the mutation which was necessary for the person to survive. That was the only way for prehistorical humans to survive diseases. In that way, five million years ago, blood type 0 appeared and soon after that blood type B.

malariaIt is believed that those mutations survived thanks to the resistance to certain diseases. Scientist found out that cells which were infected with malaria could not be easily bond with the blood type B or 0. That means that persons with the blood type 0 and B have bigger resistance than persons who have a blood type A.  Since the blood type A is the oldest one and hasn’t survived any mutation, it can be considered as the weakest one.

Which blood type is the most spread?

Blood_Compatibility.svgThe blood type A – mostly in the central and eastern Europe, almost half of population in Denmark, Norway, Austria and Ukraine has this blood type.

The blood type B – this blood type is extremely rare, only 10% in Europe, almost 25% in China has this blood type, we can find it also in India and other parts of Central Asia.

The blood type 0 – this is a most represented blood type, especially between Aborigines in Australia, between Keltic people and among those who live in Western Europe and America.

Blood type AB – this is the rarest blood type, it can be found in Japan, Korea, and China, only 10% while in other regions it’s extremely rare.