Ingredients that damage your body as a night snack

It is all about calories and how do we spend them, it doesn’t matter the time of the day we eat. Some of these groceries can have many calories than other and can make our body the real damage before the sleep. If you had dinner around 6 pm and you stayed awake until 11 pm, it is completely natural that you feel hunger, and it wouldn’t be such a big deal if you eat something late, but there are groceries you should avoid absolutely when eating in the evening.

Fat-rich food

  • Mexican or Tai food

Spicy food sounds highly appealing during the evening, but it’s not recommendable before the sleep. This type of food is rich in calories and fat that can provoke heartburn. If you can’t satisfy your hunger, eat small corn tortilla with low-fat cheese.

  • cheeseburger_friesCheeseburger and fries

Greasy and heavy food can influence badly on your stomach and it takes a long time while digests. If you are eating this food in the morning, it can provoke the feeling of tiredness and heaviness. If you want to have a heavy meal during the night, the better choice would be a turkey sandwich with integral bred.

Maybe You Should Avoid Some Food At Night


Most people choose grains and corn flakes with milk when they’re hungry. Not all grains are bad night choice, but most of them have a large amount of sugar and a few fibers. If you consummated too much sugar during the night, in the morning you will wake up feeling hungry because your body will produce a large amount of insulin. Instead of cornflakes use low-fat Greek yogurt with grains that have at least four grams of fibers per portion.


Not only that chocolate has too many calories and sugar, but also contains caffeine which can give you restless sleep. If you crave sweet, drink the cup of steaming tea, or a cup of low-fat chocolate milk. If that’s not enough for you, try to take some crackers with chocolate spread and half of glass of milk.



These are one of the biggest sources of sugar and calories, so they are an evident wrong choice at any time of day. If you drink sodas, that are sugar-free, during the night, they can provoke insomnia and heartburn and to upset your stomach. Instead of this, the best choice would be milk that has lower fat.


This type of food is most popular among the young population and they eat it usually in the evenings when they have gatherings or movie nights. The dark side of these snacks, even though they taste nice, is that they are full of additive and artificial colors and flavors, they can damage your health and the biggest influence they have on the weight. Children eat them I big amounts and they face obesity as one of their biggest problems. The healthy substitute would be popcorns; they only have 2 percent of calories.