Cholesterol is a fat like substance, and our body needs it to function properly. Only a small amount of cholesterol is enough to perform its duties and if our body has too much of it then it is deposited to arteries. High deposits of cholesterol cause the narrowing of arteries and this may lead to further complications.

Cholesterol causes CHD aka Coronary heart disease as well as many other conditions. CHD is caused due to high deposits of cholesterol on walls of the coronary arteries. Those arteries are narrowed due to those deposits and they can’t bring all necessary ingredients to the heart.

What causes high cholesterol

There are several triggers of high cholesterol and some of them can be prevented and changed while others can’t be affected.

grandmother_with_grandkidOne example of a high cholesterol trigger that can’t be affected is heredity. If your ancestors (father, mother, and grandparents) had issues with high cholesterol then you can inherit that genetic weakness that may cause you high cholesterol anytime in your life.

Other example of a trigger that can’t be affected is age. As we age, the levels of the cholesterol rise and some people end up suffering from high cholesterol in late years of their life.

Then there are high cholesterol triggers that can be prevented or dealt with and some of them are:

  • weight – excess weight increases the amount of LDL in our body and LDL is known as bad cholesterol
  • physical activity – exercise raises the amount of HDL cholesterol which is also known as good cholesterol
  • alcohol use – even though alcohol increases only the HDL cholesterol, it doesn’t reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in the body
  • mental stress – mental stress raises the amount of cholesterol in blood and it also affects your eating habits, you eat more when you are stressed.

Find out whether you have high cholesterol

High cholesterol is a symptom of many different medical conditions and therefore it doesn’t have any symptoms of its own. But this doesn’t mean that you can do something to prevent the high cholesterol.

It is quite easy to find out whether you have high cholesterol. It is done through blood tests called lipoprotein. Even though you find that you don’t have high cholesterol it doesn’t mean that you will not get it.

Walking the path of health

The best way to avoid high cholesterol is to exercise and to eat proper food. You don’t have to exercise too much, only about 15 minutes per day, to keep your body at the perfect level. Avoiding junk food that is filled with everything is a good way to keep your body weight in check and if you keep your body weight in check then you are preventing high cholesterol from excess weight.


Best drugs to use if you want to reduce the cholesterol in your blood are statins. Research has proven that they reduce the LDL cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels in blood and they increase the amount of HDL cholesterol.

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